Let’s open the doors of our wine shop in San Casciano and start the tasting of the best Italian and French wines with the words of Marcello:

To wine I owe the man I have become, it gifted me with long walks among the most beautiful vineyards on the planet, and dizzying views among the rows, the brown of winter, the green in spring, gold in autumn. It gave me meetings with thousands of producers, who taught me how to love the land and gave me lots of information that sticks to you indelibly. I am grateful to wine for the friendship with people of great human values and the esteem of many extraordinary professionals who love this world. It gave me the surprise of unrepeatable aromas and the hope to scent even more, always new and more engaging. I owe it this escape, this opportunity that I was given to travel this impressive journey, not to a precise destination but to an unexpected maturity, without too many doubts. In the certainty of being able to drag in this vicious, spoiled and alive  circle all those I can still meet thanks to wine”.

Marcello Crini

In this true Ode to wine, you can find all that represents our wine shop in Chianti, the long research that we did to select the best Italian and French wines and to create a food and wine experience that starts with a guided tasting tour  and ends with the sale of the bottles of wine that have seduced you, captured you, made you happy.

We also offer a wine delivery service, in Italy or abroad, for those who cannot reach us in our San Casciano’s wine shop.