Magazzino del Gusto is a food and wine shop located in one of the most visited streets of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Viale Corsini, in the Chianti Fiorentino area, in the province of Florence.

Nestled in a strategic position, Magazzino del Gusto is easily seen from the road, inviting passersby to make a swift stop for a delightful grocery experience.

As you swing open the front door, the soulful notes of blues music serenade your entrance, while the warm smiles of Antonio, Giulio, Karina, and Alessandro welcome you. Your food and wine journey, curated in every nuance of taste, begins.

Embark on a sensory expedition, starting with the symphony emanating from our two cold rooms: follow the harmonious notes to explore the treasure trove of our fine wine cellar, featuring exquisite Italian and French selections. Venture further into the realm of cold cuts and cheeses from meticulously chosen local producers, a prelude to your experience in the bistro area or a gourmet addition to but and eat at home.

Our shop’s shelves, on the other hand, welcome Tuscan and Italian products for purchase, from pasta to biscuits, from preserves to a dazzling array of 40 different types of extra virgin olive oil, all proudly classified EQOO (Extra Quality Olive Oil), from producers aligned with the philosophy of the prestigious Premio Il Magnifico.
We cater to every specific need or intolerance, including gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Extra virgin olive oil

All the oils in our shop, more than 40, are classified EQOO (Extra Quality Olive Oil). Sourced from producers who embody the values of the prestigious Premio Il Magnifico, these oils represent a testament to their unwavering commitment, courage, and, the ability to produce unparalleled quality.

Explore the dedicated ‘Magnificent World of Oil’ corner in our shop, showcasing a diverse array of products available for purchase. However, we encourage you to first experience the essence of these exceptional oils in our dishes or through one of our curated guided tastings. For us, the true odyssey into taste commences with the harmonious pairing of bread and oil!