The extra virgin olive oil that we buy and use in our recipes must not only be good, it must be quality good.

All the oils you find in Magazzino del Gusto, more than 40, are classified EQOO (Extra Quality Olive Oil), which means coming from producers who respect the philosophy of the Premio Il Magnifico and, thanks to their choices and their courage, they are still able to produce a quality oil at the service of our health and well-being in the kitchen.

The oil is our way to welcome you, always accompanied by toasted bread. Just like in the Italian kitchens of the past, and the snacks of when we were children. The journey into taste begins from the Magnificent  world of oil.

In our Magazzino del Gusto EQOO oils can be tasted, through guided tasting tours or in the express dishes of our Deli counter.

They are also for sale, in store or online by request.